Career values can be primarily divided into 3 categories: intrinsic values, extrinsic values, and lifestyle values. Here, we have prepared a layout map that you can use to map your values to the culture of your target company. This helps you to get a clear vision if the company is a match for you or a mismatch.

Step 1:

Note down your values in relevant categories.

Step 2:

Conduct research and note down your key findings. Pick your key findings and fill in the culture match and mismatch sections.

Step 3:

Note down the most appealing factors of the job you found during your research.

Step 4:

Note down the ugly side of the job which might be a challenge.

Step 5:

Navigate if you can overcome those challenges. If yes, great. If no, then mark those red.

Step 6:

Color code the most appealing factors as green and the most repelling factors as red.