Applying for a big-shot role?

An interview is never set to your advantage. However, your employer knows precisely what attributes they are evaluating you on. Don’t get pulled into the fire of only answering uncomfortable questions. Instead, drive the narrative of your interview, take control of the questions being asked, build a strong impression, and demonstrate all your strengths without amiss. This guide is an opportunity to set you up for success.

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." - Bobby Unser

5 new bullets in your gun with this version are:

  1. How to prime top 5-15 secs
  2. Additional top approach to introduce yourself & dictate the next 30 minutes of the interview
  3. Top 8 value-adding factors to include in your answer framing
  4. What's the right way to investigate the company with a lineup of questions
  5. Closing the interview with a powerful impression

Standing against 10 other interview prospects you might be the perfect fit for the job. But if you fail to put your best foot forward in an interview, the next thing you know is someone else’s foot in the door and their name on the wall. That is why, you don’t wait for the interviewer to draw out your strengths; you create your own opportunities. Here’s how!


A. Setting your narrative [template]